Put a kpop group in my ask box and I will tell you which member(s) I would:


  • Kiss:
  • Hug:
  • Marry:
  • Live with:
  • Be the little sister/brother to:
  • Bring on a picnic:
  • Take a romantic walk with:
  • Keep as a friend:
  • Hit a lot: 
  • Give a massage whenever he/she wants to:
  • Do anything for:

come on, send in groups! \(^o^)/

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happy 25th birthday, hwang miyoung. we love you so much. ♥ 
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(`ε´) ©

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26-27/ of lee sungmin
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air debut (by **sirop)


air debut (by **sirop)

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any requests? … im bored :(


Taeyeon: The Boys Era requested by taesunamo

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queenhyo asked:
where are your piercings :o? that's cool!

4 on the left ear and 2 on the right 

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